Multi-harness extension MH-36 allows you to run up to 8 

decoys at one time with  the convenience of 1 battery.

No more hauling and charging multiple batteries or car sized 

batteries,8 decoys will run on 1 small SLA 12v 7.0 AH 

battery for up to 36 hrs on a full charge.

Simply position the line where you want , then attach up to 8 decoys to the leads and one battery and watch your spread come to life.

The decoys can also be used with the optional remote accessories if so equipped.

The multi-harness extension is 36 ft. long , the decoys positions are every 5 ft. 

Attach 2 or more together end to end .

Also you never have to disconnect it from your decoys,simply put the decoys in the decoy bag along with the harness, this makes setting up and picking up very quick and simple.